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Being your single source for industrial supplies means having the products, knowledge and support to help assist in keeping your team running and production on track.  Our list of safety and facility and industrial supplies is part of our core business in helping make sure we partner with our customers in helping them exceed their production & safety requirements.

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As a single source supplier, we can provide complete support from selection, sourcing, installation and maintenance for:

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Benefits of a safer manufacturing environment

Protecting the health and safety of our workforce influences nearly all aspects of our organization. But none more directly than the equipment and environmental design systems that our facilities use each day. Safety is crucial in the manufacturing industry because of the constant interactions with machinery, substances and materials it requires. Industry-leading businesses understand that safety is not only a necessity but a competitive advantage with benefits that include

  • Workforce safety and wellbeing
  • Risk mitigation & liability reduction
  • Space and material efficiency
  • Reduced downtime and outages
  • Employee retention and satisfaction
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The most trusted names in workplace safety

With countless options for equipping your facility and your team with systems and supplies to help keep them safer than ever, our team of industry experts is here for you.

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Most common areas for workplace safety issues

Workplaces are dynamic, fast-paced environments capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, people and assemblies. They are also environments that demand safety considerations and companies are innovating new ways to better protect their workforce and to leverage new technologies to maximize their space use, material costs and overhead expenditures. In our industry, there are several key components to focus on when considering the safety and facility supply needs for your brand. Common safety and facility issues that modern companies face:

  1. Machine Guarding Equipment
  2. Hazardous Energy Control through Lockout/Tagout
  3. Messaging & Hazard Communication
  4. Respiratory and Airborne Protection
  5. Electrical Wiring Methods

Our Industrial Supplies Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment, or "PPE," is clothing worn to reduce exposure to risks that might result in significant workplace diseases and injuries. Contact with chemical, radioactive, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other job hazards may cause these wounds and illnesses.

  • Glasses
  • Earplugs
  • Disposable gloves
  • Work and cut gloves
  • Disposable clothing


In order to prepare surfaces for sanding, buffing, polishing, grinding, and other processes, industrial abrasives are a crucial and vital equipment. Every industrial facility uses heavy-duty abrasives, which are available in a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Every cleaning or finishing task can be handled by an abrasive, from sheets of sandpaper to wire wheel brushes.

  • Cutting & Grinding Wheels
  • Flap wheels
  • Cartridge rolls,
  • Belts & File belts
  • Quick change discs


Manufacturing and Industrial processes often rely on modifying or manipulating metal, ductile materials as a part of their manufacture. Often these tools and techniques produce specific parts or components that are assembled into a final product. S&K Industrial can supply the tooling and supplies required to keep modern facilities operating smoothly. These include:

  • Drills
  • Countersinks
  • Taps
  • Reamers
  • Spot drills
  • Endmills

Facility Maintenance

Whether it's manufacturing, logistics, or cold storage, all workplaces need certain equipment and safety supplies. A productive and comfortable environment relies on tools and machinery that are matched to the task and that feel safe to use.

  • Signs & banners
  • Floor tape
  • Lights
  • Much more

Hand Tools

The most fundamental piece of manual equipment for doing a variety of jobs that call for force is a hand tool. These tools are seen as less dangerous than mechanical gadgets because they require manual labor to use them.

  • Wrenches, screwdrivers & nutdrivers
  • Punches, Awls & Reamers
  • Pullers, Extractors & vices
  • Measurement & Inspection Tools

Material Storage

Components like tool boxes, organizers, and totes make up modular tool storage systems; they stack and interlock to create a single mobile unit. Material storage systems provide organized holding areas for products and material at facilities in nearly every industry and task. From countless fasteners to cleaning supplies and critical electronics.

  • Tool boxes
  • Rolling boxes
  • Secure cages
  • Material storage bins & containers


Heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing processes often involve cutting metal, wood or other materials in the manufacturing process. Two types of common cutting tools can be found in a variety of applications and work environments. We supply equipment to keep your saws running fast, efficient and performing their best.

  • Bandsaw blades
  • Reciprocating saw blades
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