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The Basics of Assembly Tool Systems

An assembly tool is simply a physical tool used by an operator to connect multiple components together to build aggregates. This definition is broad enough to range from simple analog devices to cutting edge Industry 4.0 fastening systems that deliver exacting results. When selecting the right choice for your application, you must understand the various types of solutions and then prioritize your needs to select the best possible fit. Assembly tools can be classified as the following types:

  • Cordless Assembly Tools
  • DC Powered Assembly Tools
  • Precision Controlled Fasteners
  • Pneumatic Tooling

What are the types of Assembly Tools?

Cordless Tools for Assembly Applications

This category of assembly power tools uses rechargeable power delivery to provide a flexible and effective option for assembly environments of all sizes. Ideal for flexible assembly environments or a workflow that requires physical movement of operators, cordless tools for assembly applications can open new possibilities for workflows and ergonomics. With the ability to integrate these tools into an intelligent system of data-driven process control, cordless assembly tools will continue growing as a leading choice across various production, repair and installation applications.

DC Powered Assembly Tool Systems

DC Electric assembly systems are a complete tooling system for handheld or fixture mounted operation. By providing direct current or DC electricity to drive these assembly tools, solutions are able to be more ergonomic and application-specific while also providing consistency and reliability to meet the demands of modern assembly environments. Often controllers, software and hardware systems are integrated to give operators, managers and system technicians unparalleled control over tooling solutions.

Precision Controlled Fastening Tools

Chances are your facility uses a broad range of fastening solutions, each designed to solve a specific need for your production system. In a modern manufacturing and assembly environment, the exacting requirements of these tooling applications can create a daunting setup, with countless management and operational challenges. As a result, modern tooling has been developed to meet the needs of an interconnected, data-centric manufacturing environment where realtime visibility, precision accuracy and steadfast reliability are crucial. For applications that need unparalleled process control, single point management and end-to-end visibility through the production process our options for precision controlled assembly systems have never been more powerful. Let us help you select and source the best options in modern assembly tooling systems.

Pneumatic or Air-Powered Tooling

As a popular alternative to electric powered devices, air powered or pneumatic assembly tools use pressured air-driven systems to power corded fastening tools. These tools can be either handheld devices or fixture or bench mounted applications depending on the production needs. Pneumatic assembly tools are often selected for high production environments that provide power, speed, and durability. Typically, these air powered tools may require less initial investment and provide more accessible ergonomics. Our experts can help determine if an efficient solutions with air-driven tooling is the right option for your application.

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